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25 years after he started to listen to the right of his own education, Rosa Montana is unable to contain the laws of listening to Isabel say "Now there is no limit to it. The things you can do are difficult, but never impossible. Rosa's big battle is coming to a close.

Rosa is responsible for the topics related to education in the organization FECONORI paraguas. She joined OCN, the counterpart organization in Nicaragua of the Swedish Federation of Persons with Visual Disabilities. When I was working and working on the gate at the OCN edition in the center of Managua, there was a terrace with wooden sleds. Dos mujeres se sientan muy juntas, balándándose suavemente. Puedo oír que stán hablando y riendo. We greet Isabel Masías González and Eliuth Martínez Fonseca.

Isabel was 17 years old and went to the Secondary School. Eliuth is one of 11 special education professors who have been contracted by the Ministry of Education to support students and train professors in schools that have nines and young people with disabilities. This initiative is relatively new and is the result of the association that FECONORI has established with the Ministry of Education to make the most inclusive schools.

Isabel and Eliuth met a little over a year ago, to visit Eliuth first Isabel's school. The encounter between both changes for Isabel.

A sinister truck full of challenges

Isabel runs the school in a special education school, together with other schools with disabilities, and in this school he studied for six years. Being accepted in the school for this year is very easy to do and only ten students will have sex in the sixth grade. After those six years, they have to choose between leaving school or going to an ordinary education center.

- As I would like to learn, I started on the same school as my husband. It's avergonzaba of me and the students' students reían of me. My mother was the only one who supported me and created me in my capacities, I thank her for being able to follow me, explains Isabel.

The masters do not take the necessary time to explain how they hope to hide the things. The decision that the preguntase has to her classmates, the ones that tampoco mostraban mayor is interested in her.

One day, she won a contest, did the best of the class by memorizing and reciting a large text from the Bible. It is hoped that anyone who wins will compete against other players. Without embarrassment, the master awarded to another student, because he did not believe that Isabel could have been chosen to represent the class

"I feel completely at ease and excluded from all feelings", our account.

The school has two floors and has a caracal escalator that connects. To avoid the burlesque more, Isabel opted to use the white button, which is the hardest part of the school. Various times, level at the point of departure for the escalators. Without embarrassment, siguió giving the key to the house, which was used as a toy by his men.

The change in conditions was based on Isabel's abilities

When Eliuth went to school immediately, Isabel said that she cares about the conditions required to participate in school life. In the auditorium, the students feel the presence of great months. The only one who was sent to the master was Isabel.

Närbild- My opinion is not important. The masters do not molestaban in pedirme nada, ni in adapting the didactic material for yo también powder to participate.

Eliuth makes sure that the class is transferred to a room that is more suitable for Isabel, that the furniture is exchanged for Isabel's facilities that the masters decide. Eliuth also teaches different methods to make the Isabell teaching more accessible. Similarly, Eliuth, who has the role of professor of mathematics, for example, could say that Isabel uses his proprietary body to treat the meaning of mathematical terms such as diagonals and others.

Eliuth also helped Isabel organize her mochila, so that she could meet with the facility facilitator and speed up everything that is necessary for the different classes. And the goddess Isabel has a new white button, for which she can move around the school.

Once the masters and directors saw the effect of the changes that Eliuth introduced, he performed a more positive activity and, little by little, he included Isabel in his lessons.

The inclusive education is based on all the persons of the company related to the necessary knowledge and understanding of the need for this

Eliuth was visiting Isabel's school two weeks ago.

- It is important to adopt a global approach, which involves including the masters, the director of the school, the family, the other students and their parents, as well as working with the student's own activity. Each one wants to improve the situation. In fact, there are many different ways to do it and it does not necessarily have to cost a dime, says Eliuth.

- In this it is that the support of other countries is of vital importance. Through the exchange of experiences with people of Sweden, we get new ideas about what we can do, albeit, naturally, so we adapt the work to our local local authorities, she says.

It is clear that Isabel and Eliuth are looking for one another and that Eliuth has meant a lot to Isabel, and that since the fall of her mother she has lost support in her case. The year has been long, but today it is relatively happy for Isabel and she can make plans for the future.

- Of course, todo is a bit more difficult, dice sonriendo. Now I've been working a lot more because there's a lot that I hope for. Pero vale la pena, porque también estoy aprendiendo mucho más. I have a better contact with my companions and I like going to school.

Isabel does not know exactly what he wants to do with his life, what he knows is what he wants to study.

- Now think that there are many different things that can happen. It is not known that there are limits. The things that can, in times, become difficult but not impossible, our dice, while they want to see Eliuth with a sonrisa.

De reojo veo que a Rosa se le escapan unas lagrimas. His 25-year-old education gap has yielded results. Not only for the person by whom she commenced to light, her own wife, she for other houses and other houses in Nicaragua. She knows what causes it to increase. Todavía has a long way to go, but now he has to deal with masters, school principals, families and children who know what inclusive education means and the form in which it can be implemented, and that he has seen the results first. fantastic that the inclusive education can bring.

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