For members

Here is information about agreements, payments, travel, kcommunication and reporting to you who are members of MyRight.

Do you lack any information or have questions? Contact your administrator or email info@myright.se


Bi-annual meetings are replaced by an Annual meeting. For most projects, they will be implemented during September/October/November. 

New guidelines for PO visits to Sweden can be downloaded under "Travel" on this page. 

MyRight's annual meeting will be held on 30 May 2024 in Stockholm. Notice has gone out to all member organisations. Contact us via info@myright.se if you want more information.

Partner organisations

For information about partner organisations deadlines and documents.
Omslag på projekthandboken

Project handbook

This handbook is intended for people within MyRights
member organizations (MO), which plan, implement
or want to start a project in collaboration with MyRight and a
partner organization (PO). The purpose of the handbook is to provide
support in the implementation throughout the project's project cycle, that is
say from idea to completion of the project.

Download the project manual here

Report suspicions of corruption and irregularities

Report suspicions of corruption and irregularities. You can be anonymous if you want. All reports are treated confidentially, regardless of whether the report is anonymous or not.

Report suspicions of corruption here.


Nationwide functional rights organizations that conduct business and have local associations in several places in Sweden can apply for membership or support membership in MyRight.

All organisations applying for project grants at MyRight must be members. All members must stand behind MyRight's goals and run a business that is consistent with MyRight's vision, business concept and values.

For more information about membership contact MyRight via info@myright.se 

Annual wheel Project groups

Program day for project active.

MyRifgt office is closed.  

Annual meeting PO-Project Group-MyRight 

The project groups are expected to keep informed about the annual cycle of the partner organizations. 

Project cycle

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Contract writing
Slutrapport februari 2028
Octagonen (enbart för nya PO)
The Octagon
Octagonen slutrapport
Halvtidsutvärdering (Midterm review) + beslut om fortsättning