27-year-old Ibrahim has not been allowed to complete his primary school education

Ibrahim Sadić is from Čelić in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is 27 years old and has not yet finished primary school. Ibrahim has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Throughout his life, he has been exposed to discrimination within the education system. 

Ibrahin has blue jeans and a gray shirt and suit, he sits in front of a bookshelf and looks into the camera
Ibrahim Sadić

When Ibrahim was seven years old, his mother tried to enroll her son in a primary school in Čelić, then she was told that the school does not accept "such children".

-Even today I do not understand what the school meant by that, what kind of child was I? Says Ibrahim.

It took seven years, until Ibrahim was fourteen years old before he was finally allowed to start in a newly opened special department in primary school. There he finished his first four years of elementary school. Ibrahim got bored because he already knew most of what was taught in school. But he still enjoyed himself and had a good relationship with his teacher Azra who saw talent and potential in Ibrahim.

- She took the time to listen to me to better understand me. It only takes a little effort, but most people generally do not want to make an effort, says Ibrahim.

After year four, the struggle for the right to education continued

It was Ibrahim's mother who helped him get to school, and he did not have his own assistant once he was in place. When Ibrahim finished fourth grade, he finished his education at the school. His mother had severe back problems and had difficulty catching him every day.  

Ibrahim started at a new school in the academic year 2018/2019 to finish fifth and sixth grade. His mother paid a neighbor to drive him to and from school. But even this time, Ibrahim's schooling ended far too soon. The school broke its agreement with the Ministry of Education and had its license revoked, which left Ibrahim without the opportunity to complete his studies.

"Despite the fact that by law there must be opportunities for inclusive education for children with disabilities in ordinary schools, there is a lack of practice," says Ibrahim.

He believes that the system has failed and that there is a misconception that people with disabilities do not even need an education. And that many people do not see people with disabilities as people who can be successful and independent.

The association gave Ibrahim knowledge of his rights

For the past five years, Ibrahim has been involved in Lotos, an information center for people with disabilities. There he learned about his rights and now helps to spread that information to others. Ibrahim would like to increase his involvement in the future and work more activist for the rights of people with disabilities.

In the future, Ibrahim hopes to finish primary school and also get a high school education. Education is important for Ibrahim so that one day he will be able to get a job and income and be able to live an independent life.

-When I graduated from school, I want a job where I can use my head, I want to work with knowledge and therefore I do not give up, says Ibrahim.

He says he believes that many have prejudices against people with disabilities and he wants to show them with his perseverance and perseverance that nothing is impossible.

-My disability is not my whole identity, and you can understand me and hear my opinions, as long as you want! Finishes Ibrahim.

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