Bolivia has long been considered one of the poorest countries in South America, and despite high economic growth in recent years, almost half the population still lives below the national poverty line.

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MyRight's member organisation FUB meets mothers from an indigenous population in a project in Sucre, Bolivia 2019.

Examples of MyRight's work in Bolivia

Through intensive advocacy work, MyRight's partner organisations have gained a great deal of influence over the content of disability legislation. For example, several disabilities are finally mentioned in the law, including hearing impairment and mental disabilities.

MyRight's partner organizations are actively working to get the Bolivian sign language approved as one of Bolivia's 37 official languages. They are also working to get a national mental health plan adopted and to increase the opportunities for young blind and visually impaired people to receive education and work.

Thanks to the hearing organisation's advocacy work, the election authority's information is now adapted for accessibility for deaf people. There are also sign language interpreters in TV features, at conferences and in other information published by the election authority.

MyRight's partner organisations in Bolivia

  • Asociación de Padres, Tutores y Volunt. de Personas con Discapacidad – Tarija
  • Asociación de Padres, madres y tutores de Síndrome de Down “Luz de Amor” Chuquisaca – Sucre
  • Asociación de Hipoacúsicos Cochabamba (ASHICO)
  • Federacion Boliviana de Sordos (FEBOS)
  • Bolivian Federation of Intellectual Disability (FEBOLDI)
  • Bolivian Federation of Psychic Disability (FEBOLDIPSI)
  • Bolivian Federation of Persons with Physical Disability (FEBOPDIF)
  • Federacion Nacional de Ciegos de Bolivia (FENACIEBO)
  • Federación Cochabambina de Persona con Discapacidad (FECOPDIS)

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