Blind Sandra was not allowed to hold her newborn child

When Sandra gave birth to her child, the nurse refused to let her hold her newborn for the first two days. The nurse did not think that Sandra would be able to take care of her child because she was blind.

Sandra is a lawyer and human rights activist and well trained in human rights for people with disabilities. Even so, she did not see the incident as some kind of violation.

At an information meeting organized as part of MyRight's project on sexual violence against women with disabilities, Sandra realized that what she was subjected to by the nurse at BB was a violation linked to her disability.

Knowledge of violence, abuse and violations against people with disabilities is very low and a greater commitment from society as a whole is required.

Sandra believes that it is important to increase knowledge and that we also have to work within the functional rights movement as many do not understand what constitutes an infringement. Sandra has now become the contact person for the work against sexual violence in the coalition of organizations for people with disabilities in the Bihać region. One of her goals is to try to reach all potential and actual victims of sexual violence and encourage them to learn how to respond and change their situation for the better.

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