Forum Syd report: No one should be left out

The symbol that no one should be left out was created by Forum Syd and CONCORD Sweden to highlight the urgent situation that world leaders must keep their promises to achieve Agenda 2030.

Forum Syd has released a new report which examines how the commitment that no one should be left out affects Swedish development assistance and development cooperation.

From Forum South:

“The commitment that no one should be left out is the most important promise to achieve Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals. None of the goals can be considered achieved if it has not been achieved for all. 

The principle that no one should be left out puts equality and inclusion in focus on the development agenda. It is about eradicating extreme poverty in all its forms, reducing inequalities and combating discrimination. The commitment has a special focus on the poorest and most vulnerable people - those who are often the most difficult to reach.

But how does Sweden work based on the principle? Aid has a crucial role to play in eradicating poverty and defending human rights. It is therefore central that development assistance is based on the promise that no one will be left out.

The report LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND: From words to reality in Swedish development cooperation has therefore examined official policy documents, the distribution of the development assistance budget and how Swedish development assistance is implemented with a focus on eradicating poverty. ”

We are extra happy that the report's cover image was taken by MyRight's Mia Munkhammar.

Read the report here

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