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MyRight is the Swedish disability movement's development assistance body. We believes in empowerment - that all people regardless of functionality should be able to live an independent life and be involved in society. For to achieve it requires major changes, and it is no work that MyRight and the disability movement can implement on their own. We want more people who contribute to changing conditions in the long term and opportunities for people with disabilities globally.

To encourage active change work, we present 8 steps for change - Guide for the inclusion of people with disabilities in development assistance and global development cooperation. Here are tips on perspectives and methods that increase the inclusion of people with disabilities in international development cooperation.

Make use of the advice that works in your organization or authority. It is governed, among other things, by how you as an actor for global development work with the issues today. The important thing is that you either initiate or continue to work on implementing the disability perspective and increase cooperation with, and efforts for, people with disabilities.

Over one billion people, or 15 percent of the world's population, are estimated to live with at least one form of disability and up to 200 million of these face significant disabilities in life. Close to 80 percent are estimated to live in low- and middle-income countries.

People with disabilities are among the poorest of the poor in the world. This determines, for example, access to food, education and care, but also how disasters affect people with disabilities. Including a disability perspective in the development of society would lead to people, in urgent need of improving their situation, also being able to do so.

A common thread that runs through the guide's eight steps is that we encourage dialogue with the disability movement to develop Swedish development cooperation and development assistance. It is about adopting new perspectives, but also about implementing activities based on the common goals we have. So warmly welcome to contact us! Together we change the world for the better.

Read MyRight's guide for the inclusion of people with disabilities in development assistance and international development cooperation here: 

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