Poverty and disability

It is common for people
with disabilities in the world
are poor.

Many people with disabilities
treated very badly.
They don't get the help they need.
They don't get care when they need it.
Some are subjected to violence or are locked up.

What is it like to be poor?

Being poor affects people
in many different ways.

It can mean this:

  • Not having enough
    plenty of food to fill you up.
  • Not having clean water to drink.
  • Not being able to go to school.
  • Not having good healthcare.
  • Not being allowed to decide
    his own life and his future.
  • Not being allowed to feel safe.

It is more common with functional impairment
in poor countries.

Poverty and starvation can do that
one person gets one


It is especially difficult for women and girls

There are more women than men
who has a disability.
Poverty affects
women and girls more.
They often have it more difficult
than men and boys.

Poverty and disability are linked

People with disabilities
often hit extra hard
of being poor.
This means that they are not allowed to go to school,
can't get a job.
And can't get good healthcare.

It is also common for them to be exposed to
other bad things
due to the disability.
It can be violence, abuse and
Many feel very alone
and feel very bad.

funktionsnedsättning och fattigdom hänger ihop


A person who is poor gets
bad food, bad water
and poor healthcare.
Then that person can get
a disability.


Discrimination is when
some are treated worse than others
 because it has a disability.
A person with a disability can become
unfairly treated.
For example, it may not be allowed to go to school
or get a job
or receive medications.
If an accident occurs or
becomes war
maybe it won't get help.


If a person is not allowed to go to school
it will be difficult to get a job.
If you don't have a job
is it difficult to get money for food.
Then you become poor more easily.

Increased risks

If you can't afford it
buying medicine makes you sicker.
If the person gets bad
food and bad
can the person get
more disabilities.

A just world

When everyone is involved and gets to decide in society
it works better.
A society that provides the right care and
help to all
get more people who can work.
Then they can contribute to the country getting
a better economy.

All people are equally valuable and equally important.

Sometimes people think that people with disabilities
are not worth as much as others.
Many people with
disability are treated unfairly.

Many are ashamed of their disability.
In some countries people believe
that disabilities depend on
magic or curses.
They also believe that disabilities
can be contagious.
It's wrong.
All people are equally valuable and equally important.

What is a disability?

There are many different types of disabilities.

Some have difficulty seeing or cannot see at all. They are blind.
Others have difficulty hearing.
If you cannot hear at all, you are deaf.
Then you can use sign language.
Many have difficulty understanding
and it takes longer to learn different things.
It's called having an intellectual disability
or IF.

Many people have a hard time
to move their legs or arms
or have difficulty walking.
Sometimes they may use crutches or wheelchairs.
There are those who feel very bad
and have a hard time with their feelings
and have difficulty working with others.

Anyone with a disability
have the right to help and support
So they can join.

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