Goal 4 - Good education for all

image of goal four in global goals red background with wide text where it says 4 Good education and an illustration in white of a book below

Goal 4 is to ensure an inclusive and equal education of good quality and promote lifelong learning for all. By 2030, equal access to education and training at all levels for vulnerable people, including people with disabilities, will be ensured.

Objective 4 on education includes education and learning at all levels from preschool, to primary school, high school and university. The case emphasizes that there must be educational environments that are adapted for children and adults with disabilities.

Children and young people with disabilities run a very high risk of being excluded from investments in education. In order to be able to analyze the connection between disability and level of education, statistics and data are required, which is currently in great shortage.

Interim goals with functional rights in focus

red background with white illustration of school and school children with different functional variations with the text sub-goal 4 A create inclusive and safe educational environments
red background with white illusion of book and pen with the text sub-goal 4. 5 eradicate discrimination in education

Each goal in the Global Goals has different sub-goals. People with disabilities are covered in all cases, but some sub-goals highlight people with disabilities in particular.

Sub-goal 4 A, Create inclusive and safe educational environments: "Build and improve educational environments that are adapted for children and people with disabilities, and take into account gender aspects and thus offer a safe, peaceful, inclusive and appropriate learning environment for all."

Sub-goal 4.4 Increase the number of people with skills for financial security: "By 2030, the number of young people and adults who have relevant skills, including technical skills and professional skills, for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship will increase significantly."

Sub-goal 4.5 Eradicate discrimination in education: "By 2030, eliminate gender inequalities in education and ensure equal access to education and training at all levels for vulnerable people, including people with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children living in vulnerable conditions."

Sub-goal 4.6 All people should be able to read, write and count: "By 2030, ensure that all young people and a significant proportion of all adults - both men and women - learn to read, write and count."


Background Global goals

In 2015, the world adopted 17 goals for global development, also known as Agenda 2030.

The agenda is governed by the principle "No one should be left out" - which means, among other things, that the world should prioritize reaching those who are most vulnerable first.

The agenda contains 17 goals called "The Global Goals".

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