Forms and tools

Cover of the project manual

Project handbook

This handbook is intended for people within MyRights
member organizations (MO), which plan, implement
or want to start a project in collaboration with MyRight and a
partner organization (PO). The purpose of the handbook is to provide
support in the implementation throughout the project's project cycle, that is
say from idea to completion of the project.

Download the project manual here


The octagon

The octagon is a tool that maps an organization's internal capacity and is used to highlight the partner organization's strengths and weaknesses and how to take measures for improvement. The tool helps you get to know your partner organization and understand what needs they have to be able to increase their capacity. The octagon will be made with the help of MyRight's country coordinator at the beginning and end of a financing period. Using the Octagon also makes it easier to identify when it's time to start phasing out.


Report suspicions of corruption and irregularities. You can be anonymous if you want. All reports are treated confidentially, regardless of whether the report is anonymous or not.

Report suspicions of corruption here.

Other information

Do you lack any information? Contact your administrator or info@myright.se

Information about agreements, communication and reporting can be found via this link.

You will find a calendar with important dates and deadlines via this link.