MyRight participates in the Human Rights Days

December 6-7, it's time for the Human Rights Days (MRI days). This year at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg.

The MR Days are the Nordic region's largest forum for human rights and take place annually in different places in Sweden with different themes linked to human rights. This year, the theme is "Democracy + Human Rights = true".  Here you can read more about the MRI days. 

This year, MyRight will participate with a stand where you are warmly welcome to take Quiz, watch movies and talk to us about international issues related to disability. 

On Tuesday 7/12 at 13.00 we will hold a mini-seminar on the Global stage. Together with Save the Children, we will talk about the right to education and then focus on higher education. The seminar will be filmed and shared on our Youtube channel after the MR days. It is completely free to attend mini-seminars and visit the exhibitor square, but you are required to register and have a vaccine passport. Here you can register for free admission.

Hope to see you!

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