New Secretary General in place!

Today, September 3, MyRight's new Secretary General Jesper Hansén begins.

Hello Jesper! What have you done before?
I come most recently from Save the Children, where I have been Deputy Head of Humanitarian Affairs and, most recently, Head of Asia and Europe. Previously, I worked for many years at the Fund for Human Rights, first as an administrator and lecturer, then as Secretary General. I have also spent 1.5 years at Forum Syd's office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where I worked on organizational development with Forum Syd's and Diakonia's local partner organizations.

What will you focus on in the near future? 
Of course I want to get to know MyRight's member organizations, and eventually all our local partners, but we also have a reorganization to take care of, and getting it in place is of course high on my to-do list.

Is there something about you that not many people know? Do you have any hidden talent or untipped hobby? 
It may not be widely known, but neighbors as well as former co-workers know that when it's Christmas - it's visible at my desk! My rule is that "less is more" does not apply to Christmas decorations.

Warm welcome Jesper!

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