Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The country has one of the largest foreign debts in the world and among the largest income disparities in the world.

En leende blind flicka sitter vid sin skolbänk och läser på Braille

Isabelle is blind but is supported by a special needs teacher, which means that she is included in the classroom.

Examples of MyRight's work in Nicaragua

Most children and youth with disabilities in Nicaragua are referred to schools that are rarely adapted to the students' needs. Together with the umbrella organization FECONORI, MyRight's partner organizations have participated in the Ministry of Education's working group for inclusive education and there reviewed both the primary school curriculum and the pedagogy training at certain universities. This has led to a course on inclusive education being included in teacher education from 2013. The goal is for prospective teachers to have knowledge of various disabilities and which pedagogical methods and aids are available.

A study on why students with disabilities do not have access to education in the public school has been developed. The study is used to influence responsible authorities so that education is inclusive for everyone, regardless of disability.

In Nicaragua, MyRights partner organizations work for increased inclusion of people with disabilities in workplaces. Together with a university of applied sciences, a curriculum has been developed for sign language teachers, translators and interpreters.

After intensive advocacy work, the government has built 1280 ramps around the country and now there is finally sign language interpretation of government information and as of 2016, disability organisations have the right to receive - and receive - government grants for their activities.

Following the influence of disability organizations, Nicaragua's national authority has begun to include persons with disabilities in crisis preparedness for earthquake simulations. Disability organisations have also succeeded in gaining a permanent seat in the government's cabinet on disability.

MyRight's partner organisations in Nicaragua

  • Asociación de Deordociegos de Nicaragua (ASCN)
  • Organización de Ciegos de Nicaragua Marciela Toledo (OCN)
  • Nicaragüense Federation of Disability Associations (FECONORI)

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