In Sweden, MyRight works to increase knowledge about the situation of people with disabilities who live in poverty in the world. We also work to inform, engage and create opinion on global functional rights issues. By being active in the debate, participating in networks and collaborations and carrying out targeted influence work towards decision-makers, we also contribute to the functional rights perspective being better included in the international development cooperation carried out by other actors.

Publik bakifrån på scen syns en panel med fyra deltagare

MyRight during a seminar at the Book Fair 2022.

Politics and influence

MyRight works continuously to ensure that Sweden and Swedish actors in international development cooperation better include rights for people with disabilities in a global context.

In many different contexts, MyRight raises the issue of inclusion and human rights with members of parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, authorities and other organizations. The interest in the functional rights perspective increases every year, as does the demand for MyRight's knowledge and experience.

In Sweden's report to the UN on the work with Agenda 2030, reference was made to MyRight's report "A billion reasons to include" and the deputy prime minister and the minister for aid mentioned and agreed with MyRight's conclusions about deficiencies in the functional rights perspective in development cooperation.