Privacy Policy

By providing information about your person, you agree that MyRight registers your information in our administrative system. We use the information in our internal registers, for follow-up and to send information. We do not disclose the information to another person or business.

Processing of personal data

Here we describe how MyRight collects, uses and shares the personal data that comes to us, as well as the security measures we have taken to protect your personal data.

What personal information we collect

By filling in our forms, or by email or otherwise submitting personal information to MyRight, you agree that the information is processed by MyRight. We collect the information we need to administer our business and staff. If you have any questions about the information we have collected from you, you are welcome to contact us at the following address:

E-mail: gdpr@myright.se
Postal address:
Liljeholmstorget 7A
117 63 Stockholm

How we collect your personal information

We process two categories of personal data; information relating to projects and their administration as well as information relating to finances and employees. We receive the information through our agreements with staff and project assets. We apply data minimization, that is, we only collect the data required for our work and our administration.

How we use your personal information

We use your personal information to administer payments, pensions, insurance, and projects. We also use them to be able to make mailings, demand responsibility, and establish legally binding agreements.

Who can take part of your personal information

Banks, insurance companies, the Swedish Pensions Agency, auditors, the Swedish Tax Agency, Sida, Forum Syd may access your personal information.

How you can access or change your personal information

You have the right to receive an extract from the personal data we process about you, from where the data was obtained, the purposes of the processing and to which recipients or categories of recipients the data may be disclosed. To request a copy of the personal information we have collected, please send a signed request by post to the address below. You can also scan in the request and send it to our e-mail address.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that all personal information you provide to us is correct and up to date. We will correct and update your personal information at your request or if we ourselves become aware that certain information is no longer correct. If you would like to correct or update certain personal information, please send your request to the address below. You can also scan in the request and send it to our e-mail address.

In order to be sure that the right person changes or requests information, in the event that the person is not known to us and can be confirmed by phone, we want the request to be sent from an e-mail address registered in our system. If one is not registered, we will send a registered reply letter to the address the person is registered at for further contact.

How we protect your personal information

Protecting your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. We follow accepted guidelines for the protection of personal data and place high demands on administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect the personal data you have entrusted to us.

Our employees have strict instructions to handle all personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations for personal data protection. Our systems provide solutions for thinning out personal data that is no longer used in the business.

Transfer of your personal data outside your country

Personal data belonging to participants in MyRight's project collaborations between Sweden and the member countries is used to be able to complete project plans and agreements entered into between the organizations. None of MyRight's member countries have what is called an adequate level of protection, which is actually required for the handling of personal data between the countries. However, there are exceptions for certain situations. This means that the handling can take place after an approval of the data subject, or to "fulfill an agreement" at the data subject's request.

How to contact us

If you want to update or correct your personal information or if you have questions or comments regarding our services, the personal information we collect, or your rights, you are welcome to contact us at the following address:

Email: integritetspolicy@myright.se
Postal address:
Liljeholmstorget 7A
117 63 Stockholm

About this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies from 2018-05-29.

From time to time, we may need to change this Privacy Policy. In the event of a change, we will publish the updated version on this website. The updated version of the Privacy Policy will apply to all personal information held by us at this time.

If you are unsure if you are reading our latest privacy policy, please contact us.

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