MyRight's board consists of seven representatives from the various member organisations and is appointed by the association's annual meeting. 

Between MyRight's annual meetings, the board has the responsibility and confidence to lead MyRight's operations and make the organisation's decisions. The board works with overall and strategic issues.

Göran Alfredsson


Active on the board since 2012. Lives in Borås. Informant for habilitation and health in the Västra Götaland region.
073 – 885 15 59 (sms)
Skype: affedeaf

Gert Iwarsson


Active on the board since 2018. Lives in Nässjö. Chairman of FUB's local association in Nässjö.
Chairman of the County Association of Jönköping County and member of FUB's Federal Board.

Jamie Bolling

Vice chairman

Active on the board since 2018. Lives in Härnösand. Business manager for the Independent Living Institute. Vice Chairman of STIL. Worked for a long time as head of ENIL, European Network on Independent Living.


Aron Sortelius


Active on the board since 2020. Lives in Hjo. Works non-profit within Young Hearing Impaired and is also active in their development cooperation project in Nepal.


Kevin Kjelldahl


Active on the board since 2019. Lives in Trollhättan. Kevin joined the US working group for international issues Focus International in 2018. He has a commitment to MyRight's development project with US equivalent BYAN in Nepal.

Per Karlström


Active on the board since 2018. Lives in Stockholm. Retired management consultant. Board member of SRF. Vice chairman of SRF Stockholm and Gotland counties.


Rahel Abedaw Atnafu


Active on the board since 2013. Born and raised in Ethiopia, today lives in Stockholm. Works at the Independent Living Institute. Sits on the nomination committee for Forum - Women and Disabilities.

Other elected representatives


Thomas Lönnström, Chartered Accountant
Ernst & Young

Katarina Bergwall, Chartered Accountant

Nomination Committee

Carina Albertsson

Oscar Sjökvist

Rakel Eriksson