About us

Together we make a difference!

MyRight is the Swedish disability movement's organization for international development cooperation and development assistance.

We were formed in 1981 and are a non-partisan and non-religious organization.

MyRight works to ensure that people with disabilities around the world have increased access to their human rights and are able to live independently, free from poverty, in inclusive societies.

Our main task is to strengthen disability organizations so that people with disabilities have power over their own lives.

Vision and mission

MyRights vision is a world where all people with disabilities enjoy equal rights and opportunities for a dignified life free from poverty in inclusive societies.

MyRights mission is to strengthen disability organizations so that people with disabilities have power over their own lives.

We do this by promoting inclusion and participation through the exchange of experience of what it is like to live with disabilities and work for the rights of people with disabilities between our member organizations and its partner organizations in our countries of activity. We gather and share competencies around rights for people with disabilities and association knowledge in our partnership projects and collectively through networks and advocacy work in our operating countries.

Strong organizations and partnerships

Creating change and making their voices heard in society requires strong organizations that can represent their members. When we know our rights and begin to believe that change is possible, that is when we dare to tell about our experiences and needs, make demands, participate and contribute.

Our project work takes place in partnership between Swedish disability organizations and their counterparts in our operating countries.

MyRight's project activities can include training in rights, creation of meeting places and facilitation of access to care and education. We also work with knowledge dissemination and advocacy work, both in Sweden and internationally.

Head office and country office

The day-to-day operations are run from the office in Liljeholmen outside Stockholm and are led by Secretary General Jesper Hansén. In addition to the projects, MyRight's office and offices also administer larger programs that affect entire countries or regions.

In addition to the head office, MyRight has seven country offices in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

MyRight's member organisations


Nationwide disability organisations that conduct business and have local associations in several places in Sweden can apply for membership or support membership in MyRight.

All organisations applying for project grants at MyRight must be members. All members must stand behind MyRight's goals and run a business that is consistent with MyRight's vision, business concept and values.

For more information about membership contact MyRight via info@myright.se