First of all students from the university

Thirty years ago, Nicaragua did not develop the language of speeches, although there is a series of signs that have been created between families and the circle of friends, by the majority of the ten words explained in the media. del alphabet manual. Alumni will not be able to use the language in school, as long as they are obliged to learn labial reading. The change commenced from a group of friends who shared a vision to change the situation of the people of Nicaragua. Now, first of all there are students from the University.

In pleno verano nicaragüense hice a visit to the premises of ANSNIC. The shadow of a little porch and the length of the parade line the banks of the school. We entered the edition and passed a pair of dwellings with illustrations of various signs of the language of scenes and posters of the various campaigns that ANSNIC has carried out during the last years. One of the ports on which we pass indicates that it is the "Library". Salimos a patio interior cubierto, a medias, por un techo.

Bajo el sol, ya lo largo del alto muro, crecen los naranjos. Suspended from the tech parque has a line of sliding lamp shades to secure, and a few more have an open door that, on the part, conducts a plate. We send both the tech, the black, and Javier López Gómez, president of ANSNIC, our orange orchards are covered in arbol.

The association with SDR was the start of a new algo

- Antes, when we met a group of friends who met in the homes of one of our brothers, we had the kind of acquaintance with Anna Scott, a woman who worked in Managua, we explained. She helped us with contacts with people from Sweden.

Together with Anders Andersson from SDR- the National Association of Central Sweden, Javier and his friends will start developing ideas about how to improve the situation of rural people in Nicaragua. Thanks to SDR and MyRight, Javier took the opportunity to spend 10 months studying in Sweden, which resulted in a key experience for the development of the culture of the people of Nicaragua.

–- He learned a lot in Sweden. I would like to know first hand how to structure the education of the people and learn how the people of Sweden work to develop their language and create a dictionary of scenes, says Javier.

Your own language

When Javier returned to Nicaragua, he worked hard to share with his friends everything he learned during his stay in Sweden. Together they found the ANSNIC organization and started a series of activities.

Learn the language of Swedish times in Sweden. It is my belief that it is important for us to have our own identity in order to develop our proprietary language, based on our own cultural property. When we start the production of our own dictionary, we can also try to help and help the young women, in order to be able to develop well in school, says Javier.

The ninth graders assist in special education schools, along with the nines that have other disabilities.
- We are pioneers in the formation of professors in the language of scenes, affirms Javier. Through our projects with SDR and MyRight, we have the ability to form professors and influence those who make the decisions, as long as the language is part of the education system.

The girls who have the idea to start school will ask questions

The language of scenes is gradually converted into the mother tongue of the people of order, and contributes to the betterment of the results of the children of the school. The problem is that in special education schools only students can study up to the sixth grade, after all the students have to give up their studies.

- No matter, it's a new generation of nines that the saline of the system will train tenant mayor formation and comenzaban to make his own questions, explain, volvoéndose hacia Ivonne Lorena Morales Ruiz, a chic young man who was sent to his barn.

- ANSNIC is like my second family, says Ivonne Morales. And yes, we do not want to end the school on the spot, so we ask the teachers and the major people of the organization that we help them to continue their studies in another school.

In 2004, the demands of the students were blown away, and the decision was made that the Bello Horizonte school would accept the students.

In principle, the professors are nervous and preoccupied, but thank you to the interpreters in the language of the students who have been able to continue their education, says Javier.

In principle, our students, students, are also interested in Ivonne. The new school tenia stands much higher than the previous and the exams eran really difficult.

Students will help professors adapt their methods

The students are instructed by the teachers in the fast paced tenion that they have in order for the language interpreters to be able to maintain the rhythm. Pidieron también a los professores que escribiesen parte de lo que decian en el pizarrón. When the masters change their form of work, the results of the students become better. Both Javier and Ivonne believe that the majority of professors have worked hard to find the teaching methods that work for different people.

- We believe we are fast because we need more vocabulary to be able to follow the lessons, says Ivonne.

The majority of children in Nicaragua do not have internet access from home and their families rarely dominate the language as they help children in school. ANSNIC, which has always had a great deal of emphasis on educational themes, for that matter, the alumni study in the organization of the masters and fuesen to school for the late ones. In ANSNIC, students receive help with their school fees, and together they build a new library. También will gradually develop the vocabulary of the way that this animal responds to the needs of the students.

The language of the seasons is receiving official recognition

Javier considers it important that he understands that the language of scenes is a substantial part of the education of southern students.

- In the course of our strategic incidence work, we will be able to conclude in 2009 that the language of the years is reconciled with the official language in Nicaragua, dice con orgullo.

Like tal, the language of scenes is now known as the first language of the people of sorts.

- It is very possible that the Ministry of Education has used our work to support its work. The Ministry of Education is legally responsible for the coordination of the National Council of the Lengua de Señas. In the course of this, now we can work together to dissect the language of scenes in all the territory of Nicaragua, says Javier.

ANSNIC has argued that the law is a reality, and today there is an annual presumption to ensure that the law is complied with.

The next step - train to become a master

When the first grade of students graduates from the upper secondary school, the lucha commences to be able to assist the university and train as teachers.

We would like to take the opportunity to make use of all the new teaching methods that we develop with the masters of Bello Horizonte so that, in this way, we can help the closest generation of disordered people, says Ivonne.

Two years ago, 29 students were allowed to start studying pedagogy at the university. This way initiates the new process. The professors have been very quick and the students have to explain that teaching methods are the ones that work for them.

–The methodology is now evolving slowly and in form converges between professors and students. Each time we complete a period we will revisit, as well as the changes, as the best we have, says Ivonne.

Given that the students identify themselves strongly with the professor, Ivonne has the ability to be a little difficult for a professor to teach a person personally. Accordingly, it is important for individuals to be able to train as masters in order to be able to participate in the development of integrated education.

Going to school and learning new things is vital for us, our people, we can participate in society and contribute to a change, Ivonne continues. Study to estimate all types of interesting things in one person. And, continuing, these ideas can lvevar to other parts of your life, for example, volcano in this organization. The organizers have our different forms in which he hemso, is how we entertain the double, our dice sonriendo.

On the roof of the covered patio, all the members wrote their names. Ivonne is happy to know that his studies have made him more independent and, in fact, he has improved his quality of life. It has made it clear that ANSNIC has a large amount of work to do in order to refer to the inclusion of the person in the labor market, but the most important point is to log that the nines and young people need to study to follow a job.

A self-sufficient organization

Despite many years of support from SDR and MyRight, the project with ANSNIC has been completed and the organization is able to maintain its capacity. ANSNIC has been transformed into a reconnaissance actor, which is involved in influencing social development.

- The association with SDR has meant a lot, says Javier. The ideas we have given about how we should develop our organization and our own language proposal have really helped us to be creative and value everything we have here in Nicaragua. Having an excellent association, SDR helps us to be self-sufficient and appropriates our own process, concludes.

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