The government's decision to reallocate money from the development assistance budget

The government has decided to reallocate money from the aid budget to the refugee reception center, Read more about it here. 

Due to this, ForumCiv has informed that they - according to current calculations - receive 61 percent of the agreed budget from Sida. This means, in other words, that they will cut their budget by almost 40 percent.

This will of course have major consequences for both partner organizations and the MyRight office as well as member organizations. We are awaiting information from ForumCiv on how the cuts in their budget will affect MyRight. ForumCiv has announced that in the downsizing they want to protect small organizations that are at risk of collapsing. This may mean that MyRight's reductions will be greater than 40 percent.

ForumCiv has frozen all payments to member organizations, including MyRight. This in turn means that we must do the same. All payments to both partners and member organizations are thus suspended indefinitely. 

It has already been four months of the financial year and if the money is to be enough for the rest of the year, major re-prioritisations are needed.

The partner organizations will also receive an information email from the office about the situation and ask them to review their budget and plan for only 60 percent of the agreed budget.

Despite the gloomy message, there is much we do not know right now. For better or worse. There is great uncertainty, both about what the cuts will mean but also about the cuts themselves. The estimated cuts are based on forecasts from the Swedish Migration Board, and if they change, the changes in our budget can also change. A 40 percent deduction is therefore not necessarily the final percentage.

We will return with more information when we know how this will affect MyRight, and will keep you updated if new information comes.

We understand that this is an extremely sad and transformative message, not least for our partners. Unfortunately, this is something that is currently affecting all aid organizations (with the exception of those who work in the humanitarian field).

What does MyRight do?
At the office, we are currently counting on different scenarios, and trying as best we can to minimize damage.

MyRight is also part of ForumCiv and Concord, which are conducting advocacy work to get the government to change its decision.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us info@myright.se

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