Stockholm + 50: MyRight raises the disability law perspective

On Friday 3 June, MyRight participated as a speaker in a major climate strike organized by Fridays For Future. Rebekah Krebs who is project manager for Include several gave speeches together with Fredrik Canerstam who sits on MyRight's board.

They highlighted the importance of including people with disabilities in their work on climate issues. Despite the fact that people with disabilities are particularly hard hit by climate change, they are rarely allowed to participate in work to create change. 

When information is lacking in accessible formats and when people with disabilities are not mentioned in action plans or excluded from meetings or decision-making processes, we lose a lot of people's commitment and knowledge. 

People with disabilities want, and can be involved in the work for the climate and this should be taken advantage of. Together we create change! No one should be left out.  

Rebekah and Fredrik are on a stage with a microphone
crowd on Norrmalmstorg listens to the speech

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