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Thank you for helping to strengthen the human rights of persons with disabilities every day.

The money you donate is used where our experts judge that the needs are greatest and where they do the most good. You decide the size of your gift.

Stort tack för ditt engagemang och stöd!

Here's how to do it:

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Frequently asked questions and answers about monthly donations

Regularly receiving money from our monthly donors keeps our costs down while we can plan our work long-term.

Being a monthly donor via direct debit means that more money goes directly to our projects around the world, as direct debit means less administration costs for us.

You can pause, change or end your monthly giving at any time.

You can increase or decrease your monthly amount, change bank or account information, pause your payments for a period or end your monthly lending.

Contact or donation service and we will help you. Sena an e-mail to: givarservice@myright.se

NOTE. To stop yet making direct debit payments, you must notify MyRight no later than five banking days before the due date, which is the 28th of each month.

You are welcome to send us an email to givarservice@myright.se and we will help you.