Together for a better world!

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Over a billion people live with a disability. Together with companies, we can strengthen the human rights of people with disabilities. 

MyRight is grateful for gifts, big or small.
Maybe you want to give your employees a gift that makes the world a better place?

It is also possible to give a gift to our Plusgiro account: 90 01 10-8


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Showcase your company's commitment to people with disability rights around the world both externally and internally! 

As a thank you for your gift, you will receive:

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Frequently asked questions and answers about donations

MyRight's goal is always to work with effective and long-term efforts. We use your money where the needs are greatest - and where our experts judge that they do the most good.

We have extensive experience of working with human rights for people with disabilities in many countries - and we know what it takes to achieve lasting improvements in various areas. 

We do not earmark gifts for specific purposes, as it is important that we always have a buffer of money that we can use immediately.

Yes, you can donate via Swish. MyRight Swish number is: 123 900 11 08.

You are welcome to send us an email to givarservice@myright.se if you have any questions.