Memorial gift

An elderly person sits in a wheelchair on a street.

Honor the memory of a loved one or friend who has passed away with a gift to MyRight.

Genom en minnesgåva stöttar du MyRights arbete för att bekämpa fattigdom och ge personer med funktionsnedsättning en bättre framtid.

Du får ett digitala gåvobevis som du kan ladda ner till din dator direkt efter betalning.

Frequently asked questions and answers about donations

MyRight's goal is always to work with effective and long-term efforts. We use your money where the needs are greatest - and where our experts judge that they do the most good.

We have extensive experience of working with human rights for people with disabilities in many countries - and we know what it takes to achieve lasting improvements in various areas. 

We do not earmark gifts for specific purposes, as it is important that we always have a buffer of money that we can use immediately.

Yes, you can donate via Swish. MyRight Swish number is: 123 900 11 08.

You are welcome to send us an email to givarservice@myright.se if you have any questions.