MyRight's board consists of seven representatives from the various member organisations and is appointed by the association's annual meeting. 

Between MyRight's annual meetings, the board has the responsibility and confidence to lead MyRight's operations and make the organisation's decisions. The board works with overall and strategic issues.

Jamie has dark hair and glasses.

Jamie Bolling


Active on the board since 2018. Lives in Härnösand. Business manager for the Independent Living Institute. Vice Chairman of STIL. Worked for a long time as head of ENIL, European Network on Independent Living.


Gert has short dark hair and glasses.

Gert Iwarsson


Active on the board since 2018. Lives in Nässjö. Chairman of FUB's local association in Nässjö.
Chairman of the County Association of Jönköping County and member of FUB's Federal Board.

Aron har kortklippt mörkt hår och glasögon.

Aron Sortelius


Aktiv i styrelsen sedan 2023. Bor i Kungsbacka. Medlem i Synskadades Riksförbund och Sveriges dövblinda. Sitter även i FN-förbundets förbundsstyrelse.

Fredrik has short dark hair and a polka dot shirt.

Fredrik Canerstam


Active on the board since 2021. Lives in Stockholm. Active member of DHR, has been project active in Sri Lanka and has been involved in various working groups within MyRight. 

Kadria har långt mörkt hår.

Kadria Alizadeh


Aktiv i styrelsen sedan 2023. Bor i Eskilstuna. Distriktsordförande och ledamot i riksstyrelsen för Unga med Synnedsättning.

Pär has short blonde hair and a beard.

Pär Ljungvall


Active on the board since 2021. Lives in Örebro. Active in RSMH and chairman of Örebro local association, and sits on the federal board.

sam has short black hair and glasses, he is wearing a dark shirt

Sam Motazedi


Aktiv i styrelsen sedan 2022. Styrelseledamot i Synskadades

Nomination Committee

Oscar Sjökvist

Rahel Abebaw Atnafu

MyRight's board from left: Sara Bryntse, Gert Iwarsson, Rahel Abebaw Atnafu, Kevin Kjelldahl, Göran Alfredsson, Jamie Bolling and Per Karlström.

During the annual meeting on May 23, a new board of directors for MyRight was established. Annika Örnstedt was elected deputy auditor. At the statutory meeting, it was decided to elect Jamie Bolling as Vice Chairman and Gert Iwarsson as Treasurer.

Elected to the annual meeting 2020 are:
Göran Alfredsson, Chairman
Jamie Bolling, Vice Chairman
Gert Iwarsson, Treasurer
Per Karlström, Board member

Election of three board members, term of office 2 years:
Rahel Abebaw Atnafu, omval
Sara Bryntse
Kevin Kjelldahl

The Nomination Committee believes that these people's experience of working in the disability movement and international work will increase the Board's overall competence. With their own experience of various disabilities and with different ages, they provide both experience of board work and being a recipient of support, as well as new thinking and a young perspective to the board.

Rahel Abebaw Atnafu, re-elected, nominated by DHR
Rahel was elected to MyRight's board in 2013. She was born and raised in Ethiopia and moved to Sweden 10 years ago and now lives in Stockholm with her husband and daughter. In Ethiopia, Rahel was involved in the disability movement because she herself has reduced mobility. Through courses and various advocacy activities towards decision-makers, she worked for full participation and equal rights for people with disabilities. For three years she was general secretary of the umbrella organization Federation of Ethiopian National Association of People with Disabilities. Rahel was also involved in a collaborative project between an Ethiopian organization and the Swedish organization DHR, which received support via MyRight.

With his many years of experience from the disability movement in Ethiopia and partnership cooperation from a recipient perspective, Rahel wants to contribute to the development of MyRight's business. She also hopes to increase understanding of what MyRight's work means for people with disabilities in MyRight's partner countries.

Rahel works with the Independent Living Institute's project Disabled refugees welcome.

Sara Bryntse, new election, nominated by Young Hearing Impaired
Sara Bryntse is 30 years old and lives in Umeå. She has been non-profit active in Young Hearing Impaired for a long period and, among other things, previously been chairman of Young Hearing Impaired. Nowadays, she works as a project manager for the Nepal project that Young Hearing Impaired runs through MyRight. We nominate her because she is thorough, concise, conscientious and reliable in her work and that we believe she would be a good complement to MyRight's board.

Kevin Kjelldahl, new election, nominated by Young Visually Impaired
Kevin is 17 years old and lives in Trollhättan. Kevin joined the US Working Group on International Affairs Focus International about a year ago. During the year, he has shown great interest in international issues. He has a commitment to our development project with US equivalent BYAN in Nepal. Among other things, he has attended MyRight's launch seminar for the report on disability, rights and inclusion, he is part of the planning group for the Nepal trip that we will carry out in the autumn of 2019 and he will participate in MyRight's annual meeting. Kevin is one of the US younger members in the international work and will be an important link to pass on knowledge and experience to US younger members in the future.

You will find contact information for the board here.