Sisters Cristiana and Rosario

Cristiana Fonseca Mayorga and Rosario Fonseca Mayorga are twin sisters who were both born deaf. They are 19 years old and live in Managua, Nicaragua. The sisters have struggled in various ways to achieve their goals within the school.

the twin sisters sit next to each other on each other's chairs, Cristiana on the left looks at Rosario drawing towards the camera
Cristiana Fonseca Mayorga and Rosario Fonseca Mayorga

Cristiana and Rosario went to preschool together where they tried to learn the alphabet and simpler signs, but the teachers did not know sign language and it eventually became too difficult for the sisters to follow the teaching. They then received help from the organization Los Pipitos, which arranged for the girls to enter a special school where there was competence for teaching deaf students.

The sisters continued to go to school together until they finished grade six. Then Cristiana quickly moved on through high school and up to high school. After high school, Cristiana was proud and happy that she graduated and also with very good grades. She longed to continue her studies at the university but doubted whether it would be possible. Cristiana still took the chance and started studying at the university - without an interpreter. To communicate with teachers and her classmates, she wrote messages on notes and in via her mobile.

-It was very, very difficult not to have a sign language interpreter to help, but everyone was impressed that I, as a deaf person, managed university studies at the same level as everyone else, says Cristiania.

Cristiana kept her patience even though it was difficult, and the school finally managed to arrange so that she now has a sign language interpreter to support the school.

Cristiana is typing on her mobile phone, she has dark hair and glasses
Cristiana Fonseca Mayorga

For Rosario, the journey to high school was not as easy. She struggled to pass the six and had to retake the final exams several times but was encouraged and encouraged by her teachers that she would pass it. Rosario overcame his difficulties and is now in his final year of high school.

-My next challenge will be the university, I have seen how my sister has fought and it motivates me to continue, says Rosario.

Rosario sits and writes in a notepad she has brown hair and glasses
Rosario Fonseca Mayorga

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