Join in and talk funkis with children!

Do you want to reduce discrimination against people with disabilities and contribute to children in Sweden thinking of action power and strength when they think of disability? Can you imagine telling and answering children's questions about your disability?

Register your interest! See below.

MyRight is the Swedish functional rights movement's organization for international development cooperation and development assistance. We are planning a 3-year project starting in the autumn of 2022 that will increase awareness of the situation for children with disabilities living in poverty in low-income countries. The target group is children 5-7 years in Sweden, with and without their own disabilities.

With the help of illustrated children's books, we will create curiosity and increase awareness of different conditions, accessibility and not least show the power and possibilities of children with disabilities.

In connection with reading aloud in libraries, preschools and schools, talks will be held on disability, poverty and human rights. We hope that your organization is interested in participating in the project. You can register your interest as an organization or as a person.

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When registering an interest, you do not undertake to participate. You will receive more information before deciding whether to participate.

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