Open classrooms - for all children's right to education

Två pojkar skriver i skolböcker bilden är tagen ovanifrån

Education is one of the most important factors in being able to get out of poverty. It is fundamental for a person's opportunities to get a job, to be able to support themselves and to participate in the development of society.

Children who do not go to school have much worse conditions in the labor market and are at a much higher risk of falling into poverty. Few children with disabilities start school, according to the UN, it is one in three children with disabilities who do not go to primary school, it can be compared with one in seven children who do not have a disability. Those who then continue their studies in upper secondary school and upper secondary school are even fewer. 

We know that people with disabilities who have gone to school and got a job feel better, participate and contribute to society. 

All children are equally valuable and have the same rights. No one may be discriminated against. Nevertheless, children with disabilities go to school to a much lower extent compared to other children. MyRight is working to change that.

Everyone loses when children do not go to school

It is not just the children themselves who lose when they do not have access to education. The whole society is losing. When a country does not ensure that all children have access to basic education, the risk of those children ending up in or falling into poverty increases. Exclusion from school also means exclusion from the labor market, it means the loss of people who could provide income and labor in a country and contribute positively to the development of society. 

In order to open the closed classrooms so that children with disabilities can reach their full potential, targeted efforts are required to ensure that schools are accessible to all. It can be about the schools having resources to take care of, and teach children with disabilities and have teachers who have knowledge of how they meet the children's different needs.

The situation in the world

Between 93 and 150 million children in the world live with at least one form of disability.

One of three children with disability does not go to primary school. A majority of them are girls.

Up to nine out of ten children who live with a disability in low-income countries do not go to school.

Disability is one of the biggest obstacles for children's schooling in the world.

Statistics on children with disabilities has long been deficient. Therefore, it is difficult to know exactly how many children will be deprived of their schooling. 

Goal 4: Good education for all

Goal four of the global goals is to ensure inclusive and equal education of good quality and promote lifelong learning for all. By 2030 at the latest, there must be "equal access to education and vocational training at all levels for vulnerable people, including people with disabilities."

The school is particularly exclusive towards girls with disabilities

Over the past two decades, the proportion of children attending school has increased rapidly on a global level. Despite this, there are still very many children with disabilities who lack access to education. Girls with disabilities are particularly vulnerable.

Girls and women with disabilities are the group that lags far behind when the world community is to live up to the goal of an equal world without poverty. Access to education is one of the most successful means of reducing poverty and increasing gender equality. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that girls, with and without disabilities, have the opportunity to go to school.

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Lack of gender equality increases exclusion

Women and girls with disabilities risk being discriminated against both because of their gender and disability. All MyRight projects and programs have a comprehensive gender equality perspective.

Movie: Open the classrooms

Education is one of the most effective ways to get out of poverty. Despite this, many children with disabilities do not have the chance to go to school.

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