Our focus areas

Strong organisations are the foundation for change

MyRight works to strengthen local organisations and drive development so that persons with disabilities have greater access to their rights.

Persons with disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in society. Therefore, they often lack training, which leads to many disability organisations being relatively weak. Organisational development is a way of increasing the conditions for participating in societal development.

Civil society is vital to democracy

In order for civil society to be the force that examines power and demands change, organisations must be so strong that they can make their voices heard and participate in the public debate. In order to make their voices heard in the public debate, strong organisations are required that can represent their members. When we know our rights and begin to believe that change is possible, that is when we dare to tell about our experiences and needs, make demands, participate and contribute.

All projects that MyRight supports work with organisational development

MyRight arbetar för att varje människa ska ha makt och inflytande i sitt eget liv och i samhället. Alla våra insatser är beroende av att personer med funktionsnedsättning och deras familjer organiserar sig för att stärka varandra och hävda sina mänskliga rättigheter.

Erfarenhetsutbyte mellan svenska funktionshinderorganisationer och funktionshinderorganisationer i MyRights samarbetsländer bidrar till kunskap och en ökad kapacitet att utveckla starka organisationer där medlemmarna kan göra sina röster hörda och delta i samhällsutvecklingen. Vi vet att mer kunniga och aktiva medlemmar bidrar till nya nätverk och samarbeten. På så sätt kan organisationerna bygga upp sin kapacitet och legitimitet och bidra till en samhällsförändring.

Examples of initiatives:

  • Create meeting places for persons with disabilities
  • Education in association knowledge, leadership and democracy
  • Education in gender equality
  • Education on accessibility and on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Education in Braille and Sign Language
  • Facilitate to give persons with disabilities access to education and work, to medicine, care and rehabilitation
  • Opinion formation and advocacy work
  • Campaigns for increased influence and improved situation for persons with disabilities