Meet the people in MyRight's projects

Here you can read personal stories and take part in testimonies from people who have been affected by our work. Unfortunately, the stories have not yet been translated into English.

isabell is sitting in front of a Braille typewriter in a classroom and smiling she has a white school uniform and dark hair in a tassel

Today, Isabell counts

The tears begin to flow on Rosa Montana when 25 years after she started fighting for her daughter's right to education, she hears Isabell say “I

A woman with dark hair is smiling

Anusha is a full-fledged businesswoman

Anusha Ederage's voice is clear and beautiful. Her dance is full of empathy and you can sense the meaning of the song even if you do not understand the words. When Anusha takes over the floor, it is as if everything around her disappears. Her presence in the dance and the song is complete.

A girl with dark hair looks into the camera

A country with many pitfalls

Åsa Nilsson is a companion when the National Association of the Visually Impaired visits its partner organization in Managua, Nicaragua's capital. She is amazed at how someone is serious

Sele sits at his school desk and writes

Sele's school has been adapted to his needs

Harness is 11 years old. He has a disease called hydrocephalus. It can lead to dementia and physical disabilities. Sele has been lucky enough to attend a school that has chosen to learn how they can adapt the school and teaching so that Sele can participate.