Our focus areas

Our focus areas

Based on MyRight's vision and values, MyRight works based on different focus areas. Read more about these!

A girl walks with a white cane

Poverty reduction

Discrimination and lack of accessibility means that disability often leads to poverty, at the same time as poverty often leads to disability. 

A wheelchair lies among the ruins of ruined buildings.

Crisis and conflict

More than half of all people with disabilities live in countries affected by crises and conflicts.

A smiling blind girl is sitting at her school desk reading Braille

Inclusive education

All children have the right to an inclusive education of high quality. Despite this, 1 in 3 children living with a disability in the world do not go to primary school.

Several people sit down and listen to a lecture. A woman is in a wheelchair.

Organizational development

MyRight works to strengthen local organisations and drive development so that persons with disabilities have greater access to their rights.


A person who is affected by poverty is often also denied his human rights and has less opportunity to change his life.

Four women smile and show off different crafts.

Gender equality

Women with disabilities risk being discriminated against both because of their gender and their disability.