Include more!
For a global functional movement

Commitment, knowledge and solidarity are the key words for MyRight's new project Include more - for a global functional movement. The purpose of the project is to strengthen and develop the commitment to global functional issues within the Swedish disability movement.

Include Multiple is a three-year project run in collaboration with the Association of Young People with Disabilities and with the support of the General Heritage Fund.

The project is twofold. It addresses both MyRight's current member organizations and potential member organizations but also the general public where we want to put the global functional issues on the map. In the project, we will have a special focus on youth organizations in the functional movement.

Global development issues are something that everyone can work on, what is needed is your experience of your disability and a platform to communicate your experiences on. With this project, we want to create conditions with the help of knowledge, create that platform. Within the framework of the project, workshops and training will be arranged for the disability movement. The ambition is also to build a sustainable network for the exchange of experience on global issues across the organizations' own projects and across disability boundaries.

This project is owned by the member organizations and is shaped with the help of the project team and the reference group. This means that, where, how and when workshops, trainings and other events will take place are governed by the member organizations' will and needs.

The project exists to increase competence in global development issues and to create sustainable structures to ensure continued involvement in the organizations.

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Why should your organization get involved in global functional issues?

To get a rewarding exchange of knowledge and experience

To be inspired by how others work with common issues in a global context

Because international issues also take your organization's national issues to a new level 

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