How MyRight work

MyRight works to ensure that people with disabilities around the world have access to their human rights and are able to live independently, free from poverty, in inclusive societies. Everything we do is based on a rights perspective and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Four school children sit down by a wall and laugh
School children in Rwanda.

What is done to reduce poverty in the world rarely reaches people with disabilities. Development assistance and other change work need to be adapted based on the needs of people with disabilities so that these groups are included and made visible.

Our business is based on fundamental values of human rights, autonomy, democracy, inclusion, partnership and learning. The work is organized on the basis of our change theory on how people with disabilities can go from exclusion to inclusion in society, ie achieve equal rights and opportunities as others to a dignified life free from poverty in inclusive societies.

The theory of change consists of three steps that are important for a person with a disability to be given good conditions to be included in society: increased autonomy of the individual, strong and competent functional rights organizations and increased participation in societal development.

We work together to ensure that everyone is included

MyRight supports functional rights organizations around the world. It is both umbrella organizations that bring together several disability law organizations in a country, regional collaborations and larger and smaller organizations that bring together people with a certain disability.

We collaborate with several different players, both internationally and in Sweden. In addition to functional rights organizations, there are authorities, organizations that work with international development cooperation, organizations, networks, decision-makers and opinion leaders.

This is what the support can look like

MyRight's project helps to create conditions for people to express their needs so that they can participate and influence development. Some projects are about starting from scratch, creating meeting places and supporting activities that help to create community and increase self-esteem and awareness of what rights you have. Other projects may focus on informing about how different actors can make it easier to give people with disabilities access to education, work, medicine, care and rehabilitation. This may, for example, involve training care and school staff about various disabilities, what they entail and how care and the school can meet the needs that exist.

MyRight works to strengthen local disability rights organizations and drive development so that people with disabilities have access to their rights. We train in, among other things, association knowledge, democracy and gender equality. People with disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in society, which means that they often lack the knowledge to run strong disability law organizations. Therefore, organizational development is a good way to increase the conditions for participating in societal development.

MyRight also supports joint advocacy work through umbrella organizations and regional collaborations. Umbrella organizations review bills, act as a consultation body and work to make the policy more inclusive, they also run campaigns for increased influence and improved situation for people with disabilities. Journalists and the media are also important target groups for changing the attitudes of the public and decision-makers towards people with disabilities. We know that a more inclusive society is an effective way of reducing poverty.

In Sweden, MyRight works to spread knowledge, increase commitment and influence for a stronger functional law perspective in Swedish development work.

Evaluation, learning and control

Our projects and programs have clear goals and we follow up all activities. To ensure a business with high quality and cost efficiency, we continuously evaluate larger and smaller processes and regularly carry out larger external evaluations. We conduct several random samples of our partner organizations' operations and finances. External auditors review annual reports and agreements.