Operating countries

MyRight's Operating countries

Through our member organizations, MyRight supports partner organizations in seven countries on four continents. Together, we run projects and programs that contribute to the organizations becoming stronger, more democratically structured and able to participate in the development of society. 

Young girl with hearing aid sitting and writing at school she has her hair in braid and is wearing a pink vest over a black sweater

In Bolivia, our partner organizations work, among other things, to promote the social integration of children and young people with intellectual disabilities and to achieve greater recognition of the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, projects are being run to strengthen organizations working for the rights of people with visual impairments and people with mental illness in various ways.
Among the projects are also activities that aim to promote sports. 

A woman is standing in a schoolyard smiling.

The activities in Nepal consist of projects aimed at increasing access to rights such as work, education and information for the deaf, people with visual impairments and autism, and children and young people with intellectual disabilities.

autistic Emanuel with his mother and sister they stand close to each other and smile

In Nicaragua, projects are being run which, among other things, aim to strengthen the capacity of the partner organizations and to make deafblindness be recognized as a disability.

A girl walks with a white cane

In Rwanda, MyRight supports partner organizations working to strengthen rights with a special focus on people with deafblindness, visual impairment and blindness.

A man is sitting in a wheelchair next to him, his wife is holding their little child

The partner organizations in Sri Lanka work to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and to improve the quality of life of people with rheumatism by increasing people's knowledge about rheumatic diseases.

two young women laughing together one has albinism the other leans her head against her shoulder

In Tanzania, partner organizations work to strengthen the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, spina bifida, albinism and psychosocial ill health and / or neuropsychiatric disabilities.