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MyRight is the Swedish disability rights movement’s umbrella organisation for international development work. MyRight is a politically and religiously independent aid organisation that works to ensure that persons with disabilities are better able to access their rights.

Maimuna and her mother from the organisation ASBAHT in Tanzania together with Ina Åkerberg from RBU. Photo: Linnea Bertlin

Partnership between Swedish and international DPOs 

The development work is driven as a partnership between Swedish disability organisations and their equivalents in MyRight’s partner countries Bolivia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

MyRight supports projects and programmes that help to make the disability organisations in the partner countries stronger, more democratic and able to participate in social development. Establishing strong organisations provides persons with disabilities with greater opportunities to be their own agents for change and to represent their members.

All MyRight’s activities take a rights perspective and are rooted in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which was adopted in 2006. According to the Convention, it is not the individual who should have to adapt to the existing society – it is up to society to change so that it is more inclusive.

Sustainable development requires the inclusion of everyone

MyRight’s activities are organised into a global programme based on organisational development. A key part of the operation is about increasing the knowledge of the organisations concerning the UN Convention, so they can use it in their joint work on change and advocacy, which focuses on areas such as reviewing legislation, providing feedback on consultations and providing concrete proposals on how policy can be shaped in line with the Convention.

MyRight’s activities bear witness to the negative consequences that arise from discrimination and disparaging attitudes, but also to the power and potential in people with disabilities, when they are given the opportunity to develop and to participate. Our experience shows that a more inclusive society is an effective way to reduce poverty.

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Besöks- och postadress: MyRight Liljeholmstorget 7A, 117 63 Stockholm
Telefon: 08-505 776 00   |   Epost:   |   Org. nr 802402-9376

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Swish: 123 900 11 08
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Besöks- och postadress:
MyRight Liljeholmen 7A, 117 63 Stockholm
Telefon: 08-505 776 00
Org. nr 802402-9376

Stöd MyRight med en gåva
Swish: 123 900 11 08
Plusgiro: 90 01 10-8