In Tanzania, the disability organisations are working on various issues to do with creating better conditions for persons with disabilities to integrate with and be included in society.

Tanzania has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and a number of other international, regional and national agreements. On paper, Tanzania has favourable legislation concerning disabilities, but there remains a great deal that needs to be improved in terms of implementing and complying with conventions and laws.

As part of the joint advocacy work, the organisations have helped to draw up proposals for Tanzania’s new national constitution. As a result, the final draft of the constitution includes several disability-related issues, such as the right to sign language, Braille and accessible healthcare for persons with disabilities in the area of reproductive health.

In recent years, several organisations have also worked on issues associated with education. This has prompted a change in attitudes among parents, schools and the general public.

TAS – The Tanzania Albinism Society has achieved great success over the past few years, and in 2014 Tanzania’s Foundation for Civil Society named TAS as the nation’s leading advocacy organisation. TAS is an organisation by and for persons with albinism, a group in Tanzania who suffer a great deal of stigma and violence.

Through the advocacy work of TAS, the government has conducted a nationwide campaign to identify suspected abusers and several people have been convicted. The government has also appointed a multidisciplinary working group to combat crime against persons with albinism, conducted a census to establish how many persons in the country have albinism and set up a refuge. To ensure that children with albinism can go to school, the government has issued a directive that gives children with albinism the right to free medicine and sunscreen, and the right to wear school uniform that provides full cover against the sun.

Office in Tanzania

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Partner organizations in Tanzania

  • IF – International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
  • TEKLA – Kagera
  • TLB – Tanzania League of the Blind
  • TUSPO – Tanzania Users and Survivors of Psychiatry Organisation

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Besöks- och postadress:
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Telefon: 08-505 776 00
Epost: info@myright.se
Org. nr 802402-9376

Stöd MyRight med en gåva
Swish: 123 900 11 08
Plusgiro: 90 01 10-8