konferensen 2013 nyThe 3rd of December is the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

15 percent of the world’s population, 1 billion people, are living with one or more impairments. Out of these 80 percent live in so called developing countries. 90 percent of all children with disabilities do not go to school.

Everywhere in the world, persons with disabilities are at great risk of ending up in poverty. And everywhere in the world, persons in poverty are at great risk of contracting impairment.  Widespread poverty is one of the main causes to that persons with disabilities are denied their rights. Poverty also hinders persons with disability from making demands which gives them access to education, health care, assistance and equal participation. To work with rights for persons with disabilities is therefore an effective way of reducing poverty.

MyRight supports persons with disabilities to break the cycle of poverty and live their lives to their full potential.

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