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Report suspicions of corruption and irregularities. You can remain anonymous if you wish. All complaints are treated as confidential, whether the notification is anonymous or not.

MyRight has zero tolerance for corruption. Poverty and corruption go hand in hand. The poorest people are often affected most by corruption, creating a vicious circle. Corruption poses a serious threat to development and counteracts everything MyRight represents and strives for.

MyRights´ strategy to combat corruption is to always prevent, never accept, always inform and always act.

If you suspect corruption, please register using the form below or contact us via antikorruption@myright.se. Only activities financed by MyRight can be investigated.

You have the option to remain anonymous, and all fields in the form need not be completed.

Your application will be treated as confidential, whether the notification is anonymous or not.

You can also e-mail to antikorruption@myright.se.

Which suspicion of corruption/misconduct do you want to report to MyRight?

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In which country and organisation did the event occur?

When did the event occur? Specify the date and possible recurrence.

Who or whom are involved? (Name and/or position)

Do you have access to any documentation? If you have any documentation, upload it here.

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