Forum Syd report: Leave No One Behind

okt 24, 2019

The leave no one behind symbol was created by Forum Syd and CONCORD Sweden to stress the urgency of world leaders actually keeping their promise.

Forum Syd has released a new report that examines how the commitment that no one should be left behind affects Swedish aid and development cooperation.

From the report from Forum Syd:

To leave no one behind is the most important commitment in the 2030 Agenda because it puts equality and inclusion at the centre of the development agenda. It is a commitment to reach those furthest behind first and to ensure that all the 17 goals are achieved for all. It has a particular focus on the poorest and most vulnerable people – those who often are the most difficult to reach.

Development aid has a critical role to play in reaching people furthest behind and donors have a responsibility to ensure that aid is being spent in line with the promise to leave no one behind. The report LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND: From words to reality in Swedish development cooperation examines official policy documents, allocation of the aid budget as well as the implementation of the poverty perspective in Swedish aid.


We are also happy that the report’s cover image was taken by MyRight’s Mia Munkhammar.

Read the report here!

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Besöks- och postadress:
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Telefon: 08-505 776 00
Org. nr 802402-9376

Stöd MyRight med en gåva
Swish: 123 900 11 08
Plusgiro: 90 01 10-8