Leave No One Behind

The Agenda 2030 family has been given a new icon. Today, 24 September, the icon for the principle that "No one should be left out" is launched - one of the guiding stars for MyRight's work. MyRight has participated in the work of developing the icon and sees many uses.

“The icon visually highlights the principle of Leave No One Behind and the importance of including everyone in achieving the Global Goals. With an icon, we can more clearly influence other organizations to include people with disabilities in the global work. ” says Mia Munkhammar, communications manager at MyRight.

The icon has been developed in a collaboration between the development assistance platform CONCORD Sweden, Forum Syd and the communications agency The New Division. The New Division were the ones who created the well-known design for the 17 Global Goals, which provided a visual language that facilitated communication and increased awareness of Agenda 2030. Read more about the work behind the icon here.

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