From dependence to independence - Regi's story

Regis' mother was single when he was born and in a difficult situation. In desperation, she left Regis in a bush near home, thinking of abandoning him. But Regis' grandmother heard his cries and decided to save him.

14-year-old Regis Irakukunda lives in Rwanda and has an intellectual disability. No one knows if the disability is congenital or if it is due to his complicated and protracted birth.

When Regis was younger, his nursing needs were very great and everyday life was challenging for the family.
When Regis was six years old, his family took him to the "Ineza Kabaya" center, a day center for children with special needs. Ineza Kabaya are members of Collectif Tubakunde, one of FUB's and MyRight's partner organizations. After an assessment, carried out by trained staff, the center set up an individual development plan for Regis' schooling.

With the help of special educational exercises and the right support from trained educators, Regis has gone from dependence to independence and new skills. He can now move himself, eat by himself and together with other children get a social

A boy is standing in front of his school, he is wearing a green school uniform.
Regis Irakukunda

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