Indira no longer has to worry about her daughter

Indira Koirala's 16-year-old daughter has an intellectual disability and previously had major problems with schooling and was very dependent on her parents. But thanks to a newly started resource class, the whole family's situation has improved.

Indira har rosa blus på sig och svart uppsatt hår, hon står mot en vägg i dotterns klassrum. på väggen hänger rosa pappershjärtan som barnen klippt ut.

Indira's family has faced several setbacks. Her one daughter died in a tragic accident while playing with the many low-hanging power lines that dot the streets of Nepal. Indira now has her 16-year-old daughter with an intellectual disability and a small child to support. Her husband has a problem with alcohol and has at times found it difficult to contribute to the family's finances.

Despite all the difficulties, Indira has found new hope thanks to MyRights and FUB's partner organization Parent Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disability (PFPID) starting a resource class for children with intellectual disabilities.

Since the resource class started a year ago, Indira's daughter has blossomed, she is increasingly social and independent. Indira says that her daughter is now happy to help with cooking and cleaning, she can communicate more easily and has made lots of new friends. She used to go to a public elementary school but it was always a struggle to get her to go there.

-My daughter never wanted to go to school on her own, now she looks forward to school every day, says Indira.

The independence her daughter has gained means a lot to the whole family. This makes it easier for Indira and her husband to work, which gives them a more secure financial situation.

It is not only independence that makes Indira feel a sense of relief for both herself and her daughter. She is now not worried about her daughter being misunderstood and mistreated. Something that regularly happened at the previous school.

-At the general primary school they used physical punishment and I was always worried about my daughter, says Indira.

Indira's story is an example of how big a difference the right support can make, not only for the individual with a disability, but for an entire family.

Thanks to Indira's daughter getting the opportunity to attend a class where the education is adapted to her needs and capacities, she can support her children more easily and not have to worry about how her daughter is treated.

- I hope that my daughter becomes so independent that she can fend for herself and have as normal a life as possible, I think it will work if she continues to receive support, says Indira.

Indira sitter bredvid sin dotter i en skollokal de ler mote kameran.
Indira with her daughter.

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