About the situation in Ukraine

MyRight does not have its own operations in Ukraine, but would like to remind you of the fact that people with disabilities are particularly hard hit by crises and armed conflicts. The ongoing war in Ukraine is no exception.

War leads, among other things, to material damage and social disturbances, which creates serious problems for many people with disabilities. One example is that physical accessibility can be impaired in a way that means that many do not have the opportunity to quickly get to shelters or participate in evacuations. In addition, news and other important information are rarely produced in formats that are accessible to the deaf, hard of hearing, blind and visually impaired.

MyRight encourages everyone to support the key players working to help the people affected by this crisis. Feel free to choose an organization that has experience from working in Ukraine, by having been on site before the current crisis started, for example one of those on this list.

In recent years, MyRight has paid special attention to how people with disabilities are affected by crises and conflicts. Feel free to read more about our focus area crisis and conflict.

at dusk in a rural landscape sysn three boys and a wheelchair.

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