Webinar: Why international involvement?


When: September 19 at 16.00-18.00
Location: digital on Zoom 

Do you want to learn more about international development work? Why is it important and what can we do to create change? Then you must participate in Inkludera Flera and LSU's webinar.

Together with three inspirers from different organizations, we explore several ways to get involved in international issues. We focus on how organizations can create and develop a commitment to international work.

The webinar is interactive and you as a participant will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss in small groups.

Meet our inspirers!

Martina Orsander, Save the Children
Martina is Global Lead for the inclusion of children with disabilities at Save the Children. Martina works with the inclusion of children with disabilities in areas such as health, education and poverty alleviation.

Hanin Shakrah, Amnesty International
Hanin is a human rights lawyer, former journalist and now works with individuals living under threat. Hanin also leads and designs digital campaigns and activism.

Lukas Appelqvist, Young People with Visual Impairment
Lukas is the coordinator of the Young People with Visual Impairment international group. Among other things, they work with a development collaboration that is conducted in collaboration with their partner organization BYAN (Blind Youth Association Nepal).

Who are we?

Include Several
Include Several is run by MyRight, which is the Swedish functional rights movement's organization for international development work. The purpose of Inkludera Flera is to strengthen and develop the commitment to global functional issues within the Swedish functional rights movement.

LSU - Sweden's youth organizations is an interest and cooperation organization that brings together 83 national youth organizations. Our task is to strengthen the democratic organization of young people with human rights as a starting point.

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