Democracy was introduced in Nepal in 2008, but the political situation has been marked by unrest and instability and the country is one of the poorest in the world.

Ett demonstrationståg, en kvinna tittar in i kameran hållandes i en skylt med texten Respect deaf peoples right over education

Nepal was hit by a powerful earthquake in 2015 that destroyed half a million homes and nearly 9,000 people died. Our partner organizations were all affected. Schools and premises were destroyed and a lot of time and energy has been spent on the reconstruction. Now the activities are in full swing and the successes for the disability movement have been many and extensive.

Examples of MyRight's work in Nepal

MyRight and our partner organizations work closely with the country's decision-makers, who in recent years have implemented a number of changes to increase the rights of people with disabilities, not least with regard to the right to education.

A law on the rights of people with disabilities has been adopted in Nepal after many years of advocacy work by the Nepalese Disability Movement and MyRight partner organizations in the country. The law will lead to many improvements for people with disabilities regarding access to basic human rights, such as access to inclusive health care, education and employment, rehabilitation and increased accessibility and equality in general. A unity and community within the movement is a strong contributing reason for the law being adopted.

A policy for inclusive education means that adjustments must be made in schools so that students with disabilities can take part in the education on equal terms.

As a result of MyRight's partner organizations, deaf people in Nepal now have the right to drive a car.

A media code has been developed by the Nepalese Disability Movement and sets guidelines for the media and their reporting of people with disabilities.

MyRight's partner organisation in Nepal

  • Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS)
  • Blind Youth Association of Nepal (BYAN)
  • Deaf Association of Kailali (DAOK)
  • National Federation for the Deaf Nepal (NDFN)
  • National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN)

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